Baby Boy Miraculously Survives Falling Onto Railway Tracks After Being Delivered in Train’s Toilet in India

India Train

A child born in moving train miraculously survived after falling on the tracks in India.This incident took place in Rajhistan state of India where the railway track guards hear a baby crying and informed authorities about this who rescued the child.
Most of the toilets in Indian trains have holes and these kind of incidents have occurred many times before.
According to officials the incident occurred on Sunday when a woman named Manu was traveling with her mother from Suratgarh to Hanumangarh.

Railway spokesperson Tarun Jain, told media that mother was admitted to a local hospital.”
” After First aid to save the baby he taken to the local hospital. Then transferred to hospital in Hanuman Garh.

Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Dr SP Roheela said that both the mother and baby are fine now.According to doctors, the child has not any kind of serious injury and all tests are fine.However, the child’s weight is too low. The baby weighed only 4.4 pounds that’s why he being kept under surveillance.

AFP news agency quoted a police officer Ram Singh that when Child’s Mother she and her husband found out that their baby is alive and well, they were very happy. According to Singh, the young boy’s parents certainly did not expect that their child will be alive.

However, when the child fell on the tracks, the train was stopped at that time.

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