Azadi Train to Begin its Journey


Pakistan Railways will run Special ‘Azadi Train’ from Peshawar to Karachi, regarding the Independence Day celebration Azadi Train to Begin its Journey, for which all arrangements have been done by the Pakistan Railways. The train will begin its one month long trip from Peshawar on August 12, and will arrive at Karachi on September 12.


Two compartments of the train have been allotted to highlight different parts of the freedom movement and the services of the armed force in the independence of Pakistan. Train will also represent the culture of various Pakistan areas including Gilgit Bultistan and Azad Kashmir.

Railway spokesman said in a statement that the reason behind this is pay tribute to Pakistan’s armed forces and spreading patriotism among people of Pakistan for the beloved country.

Special commandos will be also travelling with train for security purpose and and it be full of fool proof security.

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