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The Bitter Reality of Our Health System

Mohammad Moosa-(15 July, 2017– 5,Jan 2018) Its about Jan 3, 2017 Wednesday night at when Moosa started crying and we were unable to find the reason ( he had no fever, no coughing) ,we tried all the home natural remedies …

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Dubai to Become the World’s First Blockchain Powered City by 2020

Blockchain-Powered City

Dubai is planning to remove middlemen like lawyers, accountants, bankers, immigration officers & govt. officials by year 2020 by adapting to blockchain technology.  What will governments look like 5 years from now? Today Dubai announced its plan to be “The …

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University of Karachi: Candidates awaiting results may seek provisional admissions

Director Admissions, University of Karachi has notified that those students who have appeared in the fourth semester in morning program having seat number from B-15 and H-15 while having seat number EP-15 in evening program will be eligible for provisional …

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Desi American Life of a Pakistani Doctor

Desi American Life

Dr. Shah came to US in 1956 from Karachi when he was just a college kid. He finished his college degree and then obtained a Ph.D. in toxicology and joined the University as a faculty member. He then got married …

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Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor Passes Away at the age of 79

Shashi Kapoor

Veteran Bollywood superstar Shashi Kapoor died in Mumbai on Monday. He was born as Balbir Raj Kapoor on March 18, 1938 and died in the age of 79. He worked in 175 movies and also awarded Padma Bhusan in 2011 …

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Freedom fighters risking their lives to build a school in Karachi?

Freedom fighters risking their lives to build a school in Karachi??!!!! What message was given to Madonna by these two? What are they trying to tell the world about what sort of place Pakistan’s biggest city is? Read some of …

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NUST Engineer Commits Suicide Over Unemployment

engineer suicide

Aizaz Ali, a twenty four year old unemployed NUST engineer Commits Suicide Over Unemployment at his home in Railway Housing Scheme Rawalpindi.  He was found by his sister, who works at Benazir Bhutto Hospital. Sub Inspector Wali Mohammad, who is …

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Killer Blue Whale Game an Inside Story

Blue Whale is A game of cyber bullying and malware. All of us are aware of this suicide game but the question is what makes teenagers to do suicide after playing this game ? There are many facts which are …

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Ufone SMS Packages 2017

Ufone SMS Packages

You can also check those Ufone Internet packages Ufone Daily SMS Package Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package Ufone Unlimited SMS Package Ufone Yearly SMS Package *Fair Usage Policy of 100,000 SMS apply. Ufone Weekly SMS Package *This package is only valid …

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How KFC Made People Fool on the Name of Azadi Offer

KFC was promoting for Azadi Deal since last week that you will get free chicken bucket on showing selected coin well it was simply a scam ,when people went their they said chicken is out of stock but it was …

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Injustice against the Middle Class and the Working Class in Pakistan

Injustice against the middle class and the working class in Paksitan is seen to be something very normal in our society, which is very ironic because our elders fought for this country so that everyone could live peacefully without any …

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Tips for Travelling To Columbus, Ohio


Columbus is Located  in  the  Midwestern  State  of  U.S.A, Ohio  in  famous  as  the  Geographical  &  Cultural  crossroad  in  North  America.  It  is  a  part  of  the  Great  Lakes  region  in  the  East  of  U.S.A.  Since  1700 s, people  from  …

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Bio Diesel Kits – How to Make Diesel at Home

Bio Diesel Kits

Bio Diesel Kits – How to Make Diesel at Home? Thanks to rising gas prices and politicians and celebrities alike – namely Al Gore – Americans’ interest is peaking in environmentally safe cars and bio diesel kits. What brought about …

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3 Amazing Ways to Save Money Using the Internet

Ways to Save Money

Here are the 3 Amazing Ways to Save Money Using the Internet. In today’s economy, everybody is looking for a way to save money. While most are working on their budget, others are looking for alternative methods to save money. …

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10 Amazing Ways to Save Money with Biodiesel

Save Money with Biodiesel

Here are the few Amazing Ways to Save Money with Biodiesel. While the environment friendly characteristics of biodiesels are well known, the general public is still not completely aware about the different ways to save money with biodiesel. Below are …

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Guinness World Record of Smashing 43 Green Coconuts with Head by Pakistani Guy

Guinness World Record of Smashing 43 Green Coconuts with Head by Pakistani Guy, A Pakistani man Rashid Naseem has set world record of breaking 43 coconuts with his head in a minute. For more details you can watch this video …

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