Anti Jewish sentiment increasing in Europe, FRI Survey


According to a survey anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe is increasing day by day.

In a survey held by  European Fundamental Rights Agency  FRA,66 percent of 5847 Jewish  people accepted that  increase in Anti Jewish sentiment is a becoming a problem for them.76 percent people said that during the last five years there has been an increase in anti-Jewish sentiment.

The survey was held in two thousand twelve in eight countries of the European Union where Jewish population is more than 90 percent.

The survey included personal experiences and issues and people were asked about individual and families protection in which most of the people said that on the internet they are facing more anti-Jewish sentiment.

A fifty-year-old British woman admitted that they faced more anti-Jewish sentiment after the social contact website Facebook has introduced.

About 29 percent of those faced problems about their own security concerns and they thought of migration and in eight countries Hungary is on the top in this list with the ratio of 49 percent, France is second with 46 percent and Belgium is on the third umber with 40 percent. One in five of those faced anti Semitic faced ridicule or physically attacked.

Most anti-Jewish reaction seen in Britain where the people think that Jewish are using Holocaust incident for their own purpose purposes and for gaining sympathies.

Human Rights Agency FRA said that there should be a quick action to overcome the problem of anti-Semitism in an effective way. They also asked famous personalities to condemn the anti-Semitism.

European Jewish Congress President Moche Kantor welcomed the survey as saying that “the fact that one fourth of Jewish people have fear to show their religion and this is something really disappointed for European Union. He added that issue of anti-Jewish sentiment and intolerance must be overcome before it is too late.


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