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Nestlé Admits to Use Alcohol as a Flavor Carrier in KITKAT Products

Nestlé KitKat

Nestlé Admits to Use Alcohol as a Flavor Carrier in KITKAT Products. This Alcohol flavored chocolate contains 0.8 percent alcohol and comes with a warning for children. Here is he proof that Nestlé is using Alcohol as a Flavor Carrier in KITKAT Products.

Nestlé KitKat Alcohal


Hi, thank you for contacting us regarding our NESTLE KIT

We use alcohol as a flavor carrier in all of our KITKAT products. Therefore they may contain trace amounts of alcohol in the final product as this is not totally .t during the manufacturing process.

KITKAT has been Halal certified in the past but due to some new flavors and changes to some of our ingredients; it no longer meets the requirements of Halal certification. You can read our up to date list of halal certified products here which may be of more interest to you here.

Feel free to contact us again by return e-mail if we can help further.

Kind Regards, Yvonne,

Consumer Engagement Services

For further information contact Nestle Consume; Engagement Services 1800 025 361۔

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  1. hello … i uesd to eat kitkat with my family and use to buy in boxes as well. since im a muslim. i heard about using of alcohol so i just want to confirm weather only some kinds of kitkat contains alcohol or all types contains alcohol…. plz clearly mention it
    thank u

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