Afghan Taliban Opens office In Qatar

Taliban Office

Afghan Taliban Opens office In Qatar

Afghan Taliban have opened office in Doha, the city of Qatar in order to negotiate with Afghan government and the role of Pakistan is considered to be important in this regard. The Pakistani officials have confirmed the peace talks between Afghan Taliban and Afghan government. The officials have said that both the parties are preparing an agenda concerning the peace talks initially.

The Pakistani officials have expected that the negotiations between Afghan Taliban and Afghan government will commence from this March. Some important sources from Pakistani government have confirmed on condition of not mentioning their names that the office of Afghan Taliban has been restored in Doha and the rules and regulations are now being settled in the initial meetings with the help of Pakistan.

The sources told that the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif gave a green signal to Afghan president Ashraf Ghani in Kabul this week that Pakistan would help in these talks. The sources also confirmed that two rounds of talks between Afghan Taliban and China had been held and the Chinese officials had also informed Pakistan about the talks, held in Beijing.

According to the information received concerning the talks held in Beijing between Afghan Taliban and the Chinese officials, the political representative of the Taliban in Doha, Qari Din Muhammad joined the talks last year which was held in the capital of China, Beijing about the situation of Afghanistan. Qari Din Muhammad and US diplomat are expected to meet this week in Doha as well.

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