Twist in Karachi’s politics: Afaq Ahmed contacts Altaf Hussain

Afaq Ahmed

By: Nadeem Alvi

Karachi: The Chairman of Mohajir Qoumi Movement (Haqiqi) has been agreed to adopt soft corner for Muttahida Qaumi Movement on the request of Haqiqi’s Eleders committee.

According to Sources after the transition in the politics of Mohajirs, Elders’ committee of Haqiqi has appealed their Chairman Afaq Ahmed to adopt a soft soft corner for its another Mohajir arch-rival Altaf Hussain. The committee has advised Afaq Ahmed, after the enormous pressure on Mohajirs’, to mend ties with Altaf.

The committee has appealed Afaq Ahmed that Mohajir forces have to be united and stop the clashes of Mohajir-youth for the greater cause of Mohajir nation.

According to the report, few members of the committee have also sent the fax to Altaf Hussain in London that Mohajirs should reunite and sort out their problems through proper dialogue. Sources have claimed that the fax has been received in London secretariat.



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