A Woman is more responsible for her Rape than a Man, Delhi Gang Rape Convict

Delhi Gang Rape Convict

Delhi Gang Rape Convict made an unbelievably silly and shocking comment that A Woman is more responsible for her Rape than a Man. More like mobile snatcher saying “A careful person never keeps his expensive phone in his pocket while roaming around. It’s his responsibility for the theft”.

According to The Guardian, Delhi Gang-Rape Convict said in an interview blames girls for her rape and gave a controversial statement. He quoted that this is just like you can’t clap with your single hand. A Decent girls should not roam around at night and if she does, she is more responsible for her Rape.

The incident took place on 16 December 2012 in Indian capital Dehli, When 23 year old girl and her friend were gang raped in a bus and after they had thrown them on the road. Police arrested five suspects, including the bus driver; a young teenager was also arrested.

Girl was admitted to the hospital, but her condition was deteriorating. Due to the growing protest of the people she was taken to of Singapore hospital for treatment, but on December 29 gang rape victim died. It ‘was widespread protests across India after the case was filed is to be noted that In India, every year about 130 people are sentenced to death.According to reports, In India every half hour later a woman is subjected to rape.This report is based only on complaints to the police while the rape cases several times hidden. In 2013, according to the National Crime Records Bureau, 26.7 percent of crimes against women increased, while there was 35.2 per cent increase in cases of rape.

“If you can’t raise your standards of living at least then raise up your mentality”.

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