A Christian Couple Saved from Lynching mob by Police near Lahore

christian couple

LAHORE: A Christian couple was saved by the Sheikhupura Police Officials from an infuriated mob attempting to lynch them in Makki Village for blasphemy on Thursday.

The incident took place on Thursday in the area of Makki Village in Punjab, where a successful intervention from the Sheikhupura police officials rescued the life of the Christian couple.

“The illiterate couple had somehow gotten their hands on old, panaflex advertisements marquee, bearing the names and slogans of various colleges, which they utilized as mats in their house to sleep on,” Sohail Zafar Chattha, the district police chief, informed the AFP.

“The college slogans contained Arabic inscriptions, allegedly from the Quran, which caused the locality’s barber and two clerics to blame the spouses for blasphemy.”

The Police chief further provided that the Muslims of the area dragged the couple, ignorant of their own charge, from their house and intended to beat them to death.

“The police intervened just in time and saved the mob from lynching the couple. The husband and wife were handed to the elders of the Christian Community.” He told later.

The police had arrested some of the clerics of the village and stated that the barber was suspected to have an interest in obtaining the couple’s house.

A Christian human rights advocate, Nadeem Anthony, while praising the police action, said “It is a positive development that the police is taking its duty seriously and protecting the accused in such cases,”

He further stated that if police continued to do its duty properly then the civilians, who take the matter in their own hands, will be deterred.


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