371 Drones Strikes In 9 Years

Drone 3

Peshawar: Since 2004,371 Times US drone attacks violate Pakistan’s sovereignty,The first Drone attack was done in 28 April 2004 in the Government of Parvez Musharaf.In his era,36 Times Drone ttacks hit the Tribal areas of Pakistan.

After his Government,the Elected Government of Pakistan recorded the protest against these attacks, many times and tried to pass resolutions against drone strikes,many leaders form different political parties criticised them as a violation of sovereignty,but the Drones it did not made any difference,and the drones still strikes and kills the innocent people.

Drone 2
According to sources 4000 have been killed in Drone Attacks,but still there is no hope that it will stop or not.

The people of Pakistan are against these attacks because according to majority these attacks kills the innocent people.

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