109 People Arrested in India for Urinating in Public


The Indian police put 109 people behind the bars for 24 hours for getting caught on urinating in public on the railway property of platform, tracks and parking lot in Agra. The arrested people had to pay a fine of Indian Rupees ranging from 100 to 500 to get released.

The arrest began when the Senior superintendent police officer, Gopenash Khanna, noticed the despising stains of pan and the air reeking of urine in the railway station.

Consequently, he ordered his men to conduct a search against such uncivilized citizens and charge them with heavy penalty for urinating in public.

The expedition was launched for over two days in which about 12 railway stations within Agra district were ransacked.

27, out of the total of 109 culprits, were caught red handed during the act on Friday.

Khanna, while talking to the reporters, informed, “A drive was conducted specially for stations within Agra division, including Agra Fort, Agra Cantt, Raja ki Mandi, Tundla and Idgah. About 109 men were sent to jail for 24 hours for relieving themself in front of children and women at the station. They also had to undergo a fine for up to INR 500 for their unpleasant misdemeanor urinating in public.

The drive, with the message ‘enough is enough’ is a part of the “Swachh Bharat” campaign initiated by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Furthermore, the police GRP provided that several were penalized for inciting public unease by consuming alcohol and expectorating pan from the train windows.

The transgressors were punished under section 34 of the police act which forbids the citizens to cause annoyance or inconvenience to anyone in public places.

While explaining the purpose behind the drive, Gopenash Khanna elaborated, “The city had been contaminated by such social indisciplines for more than six decades now. We receive tourists every year and there is a risk of losing onto them if we remain negligent to these misdemeanors.”

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