10 Reasons We Should be Proud of Being Pakistani

Man Made Forest

10 Reasons We Should be Proud of Being Pakistani !

It is unfortunate that foreigners usually consider Pakistan as a terrorist country and are always trying to humiliate Pakistan. They think that Pakistan is spreading terrorism across world but they are actually blind as Pakistan is a paradise on earth if they deeply consider it. Unfortunately most of the Pakistani do not know that they are living in such an amazing country because national and international media always try to portray negative image of Pakistan.There are many reason to love our country but we always think about negativity.

Just few people know that World’s largest man made forest is situated in Pakistan.Yes “Changa Manga” is the world’s largest man made forest located eighty Kilo meters south west of Lahore city.

Largest Desert

Thar” desert in Sindh province of Pakistan can be said one of the largest desert in the world.This is world’s ninth largest desert.

Highest Mountain Range

The highest mountain range in world can also be found in Pakistan.Himalayas and the Karakoram is world’s most highest mountain range.

Pakistan Footballs

More than fifty percent of the footballs in world are made in Pakistan’s Sialkot city that is situated in Punjab province of Pakistan.This is a great honor for all Pakistani nation that world’s most famous footballs are made in Pakistan.

Largest Sea Deep Port

Gawadar is the world’s largest deep sea port that is located in Balochistan province of Pakistan.

PTCl Internet

This fact may be really surprising of all that 4th largest broadband internet system of world is also in Pakistan. Is this reason is enough to proud of being Pakistani ?


Highest Paved Road

Highest paved international road is Karakoram Highway that connects Pakistan and China.Traveling on this road could be really an amazing and awesome experience for all and this road is like a paradise for International tourists.

First Virus in World

World’s first computer virus was created by Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi,two brothers belongs to Lahore city of Pakistan.Name of the virus was “Brain”.

Fawad Khan

Third most Sexiest men in the world are Pakistanis.There are many other reasons that we should be Proud of Being Pakistani.World’s largest ambulance service “Eidhi” also belongs to Pakistan.Pakistan is full of beautiful places and there are countless reasons to Love Pakistan.

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