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10 Best Ways to Sleep Better


10 Best Ways to Sleep Better: According to the survey of American psychological Association sixty-three percent people say that getting proper sleep is necessary for them, but only 30% of people are able to achieve this target.

Sleep more often ignored because of overload of work, however, the results have always been negative. When you cannot sleep properly it affect on your ability of work. You become more irritable and short tempered, in such situation you also do not eat properly and are not able to exercise.

If you start sleeping less so It can be a negative impact on your health. Stress is the biggest enemy of sleep. According to the survey 43%of people say they cannot sleep because of the stress.

If you are facing a similar situation, try to follow these tips

Make a list

If you are suffering from the thought about the planning of next tasks so write it. You will feel instantly relaxed and you’ll be able to relax better.

Use Beverages

Warm milk, tea and cherry juice can improve your sleep patterns.

Use of magnesium-rich food Items

Almond and calcium-rich food can help to enhance sleep.

Stay away from Phone, TV and other screens

Melatonin is a chemical which found in human body, this is the chemical that makes us feel sleepy. Rays emanating from screens can affect on this chemical. So stay away from all kind of screens.

No use to stare at the roof

If you are trying to sleep at the time more than 30 minutes and were unable to sleep and to aim for try more, , but it is difficult to achieve. In that case get up drink a glass of water and start exercise, and trying to divert your attention on this not that you are unable to sleep.


Hide the clock

With every passing moment look at the watch repeatedly will only increase the pressure on you.   If you need alarm, so turn the clock in that way you cannot see the time

Set the time to sleep

Set the time to sleep and stay committed. Sleep at least 8 hours. If you sleep better than you would work better after getting up.

Set the time to go to bed

Go to bed on time daily. Our body will gradually adapt to the time and you’ll be able to sleep.

The bed is only for sleep

Working on the bed, watching TV, Email, SMS or use of social media. All these habits can affect the sleep. After going to bed, you goal should be only to sleep.

Keep out the screen from the bedroom

All Screens, including TVs, computers and other keep out from the bedroom.

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